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Slander, lies and leadership

Slander: Making false and damaging statements about someone.   It can happen in many different contexts but perhaps the most common is by those who are being led, about the leader – whether that is in politics, business, education, armed forces or religion.  It is invariably an unpleasant experience and sometimes extremely stressful.   I have experienced … Continue reading

Is Your Life Falling Apart?

Life is fragile – and can so easily feel as if it is falling apart.  A friend of mine was unexpectedly called into his boss’ office just before Christmas to be given notice of immediate redundancy.  Security promptly escorted him offsite without any chance of saying goodbye to colleagues and friends.  His bonus would have … Continue reading

Where was God on Friday when Adam Lanza slaughtered 27 people?

  And as I read the tales and saw the pictures I experienced a range of emotions; shock, disbelief, nausea, fear, compassion, pain, anguish.  Where was God on Friday when Adam Lanza slaughtered 20 kids and 6 teachers?   The answer is – he was there.  So why didn’t he stop the horrendous killings?   … Continue reading